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TCL Photovoltaic Technology Unveils Innovative One-Stop Residential Smart Energy Solution at IFA 2023

BERLIN, Sept. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- TCL Photovoltaic Technology, a pioneering green energy solution provider, has made a significant presence at the 2023 Berlin International Electronics Consumer Exhibition (IFA). From September 1st to 5th, the company presented its comprehensive One-Stop Residential Smart Energy Solution and Residential Energy Storage System, making a decisive entry into the European market.

TCL's booth at IFA 2023

The rapid rise in demand for residential energy storage products, driven by factors such as rising electricity prices, energy security, and government support, has shaped the global landscape. To respond the household needs, TCL Photovoltaic Technology established a comprehensive smart energy ecosystem by organically integrating photovoltaic modules, energy storage, and heat pump technology. This fosters a transition towards efficient, intelligent, safe, reliable, low-carbon, and environmentally-friendly household energy consumption.

As a core part of this innovative solution, the TCL Energy Storage System can provide continuous power supply during emergencies, reducing electricity costs, and optimizing peak-valley electricity rates for financial benefits. The system uses high-security, long-life LiFePO4 batteries and boasts a compact, modular design, which requires only 0.15 square meters of space and can be swiftly installed in just 30 minutes.

The impressive showcase at IFA not only presents the Residential Energy Storage System but also spotlights the TCL solar modules and TCL heat pumps. According to William Li, General Manager of Overseas Business at TCL Photovoltaic Technology, the One-Stop Smart Energy Solution is exceptionally adaptable to cater to the unique needs of customers. Whether they are interested in installing a new solar setup or upgrading an existing photovoltaic system, this solution can seamlessly integrate.

The addition of the Heat Pump, providing heating, cooling, and hot water supply, enhances the versatility of this solution, making it perfect for attaining energy independence and self-sufficiency in every household. Furthermore, with its current emphasis on the European market, the company is poised to expand its presence globally, a vision championed by William.

TCL Photovoltaic Technology's expansion into the global market signifies the brand's confidence in international stage and a commitment to high-quality development. The company is dedicated to creating a leading technology platform with extensive application scenarios and professional after-sales support, further showcasing the strength of the brand in the global green energy sector.

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