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CHiQ Showcases User-Centric Innovations at 2023 IFA
  • Emphasizing technological advances and international expansion to cater diverse needs

BERLIN, Sept. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- CHiQ held a new product launch event at IFA in Berlin on September 1, 2023, with TVs, monitors, refrigerators and washing machines making a stunning debut, highlighting the brand's fresh momentum.

New OLED lineup with upgrades in both software and hardware

At the event, CHiQ introduced its full range of OLED products for the overseas market, including 77-inch and 65-inch OLED TVs featuring an ultra-thin body with an infinity screen, and a variety of base designs. Through precise pixel-level light control, 1.07 billion original color display, a 120 Hz refresh rate and enhanced audio, they enable users to enjoy a theater-like audio-visual experience at home.

In addition, starting from October 2023, several CHiQ TVs equipped with the latest Roku OS will be available in Europe. Through Roku OS, users can watch live TV and channels including ARD, ZDF, as well as streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV+.

The brand also released a rare 44-inch OLED monitor with a high refresh rate of 240HZ, and a reduced response speed of 0.03ms, enhancing every exhilarating moment in eSports.

Refining the Space Pro series for enhanced global market penetration

CHiQ's updated Space Pro series of refrigerators and washing machines were also showcased, preserving the design advantages of "small size and large capacity" using their world-leading ultra-thin technology. CHiQ has enhanced the refrigerator line with improved food preservation technology, including Care+ Space and constant temperature freezing to accommodate diverse user needs.

The 10kg washing machine features a spacious 530mm drum that prevents clothes from tangling. Changhong's self-cleaning drying technology eliminates secondary pollution from blocked drying channels. In addition, the products have achieved A Class energy efficiency, meeting the higher energy standards expected by users worldwide.

CHiQ is rapidly carving out a space in the European market, establishing a presence on mainstream e-commerce platforms in many countries. "Our products have been well received by consumers, and consistently top Amazon's 'Best Seller' list," said Jared Yang, CEO of Changhong Europe Electric S.r.o.

"Smart with Style" is the new brand proposition of CHiQ, aiming to blend intelligent technologies with stylish designs for an integrated home environment. James Wu, vice president of Changhong international business, said, "We will continue to focus on technological innovation, highlight the superior quality of our products, and further expand the brand's territory."


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