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Midea Unveils TÜV RHEINLAND-Certified Industry-Leading Green and Energy-Efficient Dishwasher at IFA 2023 in Berlin

BERLIN, Sept. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Midea (the "Company"), a leading brand in smart home appliances, is proudly showcasing a diverse range of products at the IFA 2023 from September 1 to 5 in Berlin, Germany. Among its remarkable offerings, Midea's green and energy-efficient dishwasher (WQP12-U7809X, together with 15 other models), certified by TÜV RHEINLAND, truly takes the lead as an environmentally conscious appliance.

At the IFA stage, Midea demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by showcasing its six green actions on a clean world, which ensures that every aspect of Midea dishwasher's lifecycle, from design and manufacturing to packaging, transportation, and recycling, operates in accordance with eco-friendly principles, making a significant contribution to a cleaner planet. Particularly noteworthy is the exhibited NXT-GEN Dishwasher, which is gaining attention for its exceptional energy efficiency - up to 20% less energy consumption than A class, as well as its industry-first All-in-one smart TopDose.

At the event themed "Green is the New Clean," Midea showcased its dishwasher exhibit, highlighted by the TÜV RHEINLAND Green Product Certification award presentation. Meteor Liu, General Manager of Midea KWHA Oversea Sales, participated in the award ceremony and addressed the audience. Midea has been actively working towards a greener and more sustainable future through its Kitchen & Water Heater Appliances Division lineup.

TÜV RHEINLAND Green Product Mark certification for Midea's dishwasher encompasses a comprehensive evaluation across six dimensions — Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment Management, Products Climate Resilience (e.g. Carbon Emission Evaluation), Recycled Material Content, Hazard Substances, End of Life. This rigorous assessment ensures that Midea's products adhere to high standards of environmental responsibility and performance.

In terms of design, Midea crafted its high-energy-efficiency dishwasher that meets top-level A class energy efficiency standards. The TÜV RHEINLAND Green Product Mark certification ensures that the product meets these standards align with European Union regulations for ecological design and energy labeling.

Also, during production, Midea minimizes the use of harmful chemicals in its products to reduce their environmental impact and potential harm to humans. Both the dishwasher and packaging materials tested comply with relevant EU environmental regulations. Common harmful substances like phthalates, TBBPA and MCCP were found far below the regulated limits. Additionally, Midea adopts food contact materials in the dishwasher's interior components to ensure food safety.

Midea is also committed to product recycling and reuse, as it aims to minimize plastic waste. Its dishwasher boasts a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Reuse/Recycling Rate exceeding 87%, with a Recovery Rate surpassing 94%. Moreover, the Company adopts over 30% of recycled material in the dishwasher's plastic parts (enclosure and stand).

Meanwhile, Midea manages carbon emissions responsibly using low-carbon materials, renewable energy sources like photovoltaic energy, and shorter transportation distances. The calculated carbon emission stands at 192.87 kg CO2eq/item (System boundaries: cradle to the gate), and the score of products repairability index is 8.3.

Looking ahead, Midea Group remains steadfast in its green development strategy, forging continued collaborations with TÜV RHEINLAND to deliver more trustworthy eco-friendly products to consumers.

SOURCE Midea KWHA Division

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