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Huion Presents Inspiroy Ink H320M and Kamvas Pro 16 Premium at Berlin IFA 2019

BERLIN, Sept. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Huion Animation Technology joined IFA Berlin to share its latest graphic input devices with the world. The first product of Inspiroy Ink series, H320M and the one that boasts the highest color gamut among Huion product lines, Kamvas Pro 16 Premium were there to impress people from different parts of the world.

Inspiroy Ink H320M is the first pen tablet in the industry that combines a pen tablet and a LCD writing tablet. Such combination not only maximizes the usability of the device, but also brings users more convenience. The E-paper technology applied to the tablet ensures the low power consumption of the writing tablet, and therefore the inbuilt cell coin battery can support users drafting on the LCD for about two years. Four anti-slip rubber feet attached to the LCD and the tablet sleeve that comes with the device can protect the working area on both sides from scratches respectively when drawing. 8192 pressure sensitivity levels and 266PPS report rate of the pen tablet can bring users smooth and lifelike drawing experience, with their authentic drawing skills being fully rendered. Draft on the LCD whenever an idea flashes in your mind and then make it a reality via the other side. Flip it, and keep going. You will never miss out on any fancy ideas, neither will any interruption occur to your creative flow. 

Inspiroy Ink H320M

Kamvas Pro 16 Premium is the pen display that boasts the highest color gamut, 150% sRGB, among the Huion product lines. Besides, 1200:1 contrast ratio of the device is also the highest at the moment, which could further liven up your works on the screen. Application of the full lamination crafts and anti-glare glass will minimize the parallax of the screen and at the same time brings users the pen-on-paper friction. There are altogether 6 programmable press keys on the panel, which enables users to individualize their pen display and therefore improve the work efficiency.

Kamvas Pro 16 Premium

"User Request, User Participation and User-oriented" is the mantra of Huion that drives the company towards a better future where all customers will find their ideal Huion pen tablet. To figure out what an ideal Huion tablet could be, please visit

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