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Seeing the Future, Chinese Washing Machine Manufacturer Little Swan Leads New Home Appliance Era with Beverly II

BERLIN, Germany, Sept. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The home appliance industry, an industry that is key to making day-to-day life easier for every individual on this planet, continued to be the hotspot at the IFA held in Berlin from the 4th to the 7th of September. Chinese washing machine manufacturer Little Swan attracted a lot of attention from visitors and the media at the event.

2016 IFA Little Swan Beverly II series booth and product display

New products exhibited by the Chinese manufacturer at the show included recently developed high-end washing machine products, including the Beverly II series (the Beverly II pulsator washing machine, the Beverly II drum washing machine and Beverly II dryer), the Smart Hybrid washing machine and the Disney retro washing machine, launched in partnership with the Walt Disney Company. Little Swan, which generally keeps a low profile at home and abroad, attracted extensive interest from visitors to the exhibition with several newly created high-end products. The luxurious and refined exterior and high-end customized interior are the most notable characteristics of the Beverly II line of products.

According to information revealed at the show, for the Beverly II products, the manufacturer not only maintained the highly disciplined approach that Chinese artisans have towards its handcrafted goods, but also adopted the advanced European Kimber process as a component of the production protocols. The brand has combined the diamond cutting process with seamless welder technology when building the machine bodies, followed by polishing masters who spend more than 300 hours in polishing the machine surfaces. The highly refined exterior has won great applause from visitors, while the interior components fully demonstrate the power of "intelligently made in China".

In addition to the features of the first generation of Beverly washing machines, the Beverly II series comes equipped with a brand-new smart customized system comprised of a personalized user interface allowing for customized clothes washing and aftercare processes as well as a more user-friendly and accurate detergent delivery system, creating an unprecedented experience for users in terms of the end-to-end laundry process. Visitors are not only getting to see new products, but also to catch a glimpse of what the future may look like! Little Swan, as a representative of Chinese brands, is at the forefront of the smart washing machine market.

At IFA, the washing machine maker from China is showcasing to the world the fruits of its 38 years of craftsmanship, with the Beverly II series of washing machines as the latest masterpieces. Little Swan products exhibited at the event once again served to change the popular perception among foreign consumers that Chinese-made products are cheap and of poor quality. The finely-crafted Beverly II series of products also corrects the geographical prejudice on craftsmanship - the countries of Europe and North America are not the sole masters of technology, while Chinese engineers are showing themselves to be quite impressive in what they can design and deliver.

At IFA and at similar events around the world, Little Swan is showing the world what defines a master creation, as well as the Chinese brand's determination to succeed in the international arena. Just maybe, the Beverly II lineup will be what leads a new trend in the world of domestic appliances.

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