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2015 IFA: Largest Exhibition on Earth Showcasing Smart Devices that Improve Health and Save Energy

BERLIN, Sept. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The 55th IFA, the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, jointly organized by the Society for Entertainment and Communications Electronics (gfu) and Messe Berlin, opened at the Berlin ExpoCenter City on September 4, 2015. It's a global showcase for the collective debut of home appliances, displaying the latest products and innovations of 2015.

2015 IFA: Largest Exhibition on Earth Showcasing Smart Devices that Improve Health and Save Energy

This year's IFA attracted 1,493 exhibitors spread over a 145,000-square meter exhibition area. Smart home, sustainable development, energy efficiency and healthy eating are the latest trends. Home appliances focused on healthy eating, intelligent interconnectivity and energy conservation, which are perfectly interpreted by innovative products such as Haier's highly-anticipated tripod style Cloud Jane refrigerator, dual-purpose "double drum" washing machine and solid state cooling wine cabinet.

  • The Casarte (Haier's high-end brand) tripod style Cloud Jane refrigerator drew much attention at the event as the world's first T-door refrigerator powered by an oil-free compressor and gas-suspension power technology, which maintains a constant temperature within the refrigerator cavity, assuring both the freshness of the food down to the cellular level, as well as consumers worldwide of a healthy and nutritious diet.
  • The most representative of energy-efficient appliances was none other than Haier's "double drum" washing machine, which is equipped with separate top and bottom drums to wash separate loads. For shoppers in Europe and the U.S., this is expected to be a more energy-efficient and time-saving choice.
  • The solid state cooling wine cabinet showcased at IFA is the most representative of new products coming out of the intelligent global appliance industry.  Users can remotely check on the contents and control the operation and environment of the wine cabinet through a mobile app at any time. The wine cabinet provides the most specialized and suitable storage environment for wine, offering wine lovers the most professional "family wine cabinet" available on the market.

The exhibition of innovative products at IFA reflects global consumers' focus on personal health, energy conservation and the intelligent features of appliances. The "cellular fresh" refrigerator, the "double drum" washing machine, the cellphone-controlled wine cabinet and other emerging innovative products will serve to assure a healthier and happier existence for consumers all over the world.

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