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BOE iGallery Wins "IFA Product Technical Innovation Award 2017"

BERLIN, Sept. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 2nd, the winners of the "IFA Product Technical Innovation Award 2017" were announced. BOE iGallery, the world's first digital art gallery developed by BOE was one of the winners.

First launched at the BOE Innovation Partner Conference on November 8, 2016, BOE iGallery is made up of four parts: digital artwork library, art trading platform, display terminal and more additional services. The lossless gamma technology applied to the product guarantees full representation of color depths, making it possible to be viewed as real artworks. A combination of art exhibitions, appreciations of art, circulation of information and transactions, allows the BOE iGallery to connect artists with audiences and is committed to integrating technology with art and bringing art into ordinary households.

Since its launch, BOE iGallery has made its appearance in numerous scenarios: In Taimiao Art Museum, it displayed a perfect combination of modern technology with the classic fresco; in Forbidden City Gallery, it was used to exhibit the paintings of horses by the Sheikha of Qatar; in collaboration with Art Nova 100, BOE iGallery was employed to exhibit contemporary oil paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, woodblock prints and other forms of visual arts created by talented young artists. It was also integrated into a video device to help a French master of video art create a combination of painting and video. Whether in art museums or at home, still paintings or moving images, BOE iGallery is dedicated to delivering the combined beauty of technology and art in an age of IoT through its outstanding picture quality and strong interactive functions.


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