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Qnovo's Innovative Adaptive Battery Charging included on LG's latest smartphones
Qnovo Software improves the battery performance in LG V30 and LG Q6 smartphones

BERLIN, Aug. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- IFA 2017 – Qnovo Inc., the leading innovator of software to enhance battery performance, today announced that its QNI and QNS adaptive charging technology is included in recently announced LG Mobile's V30 and Q6 smartphones.

Qnovo Inc.

The LG V30 smartphone is a flagship smartphone using the Qualcomm® Snapdragon 835 chipset with Quick Charge™ 3. By using Qnovo's innovative QNI adaptive charging software with unique hardware acceleration available only in the Snapdragon 835, LG Mobile delivers to its consumer faster charging, longer battery life, and longer lifespan.

"Consumers are demanding continuous innovation in performance and safety," said Nadim Maluf, Qnovo CEO. "We share with LG Mobile a vision and partnership to make today's batteries perform better."

Qnovo QNI adaptive charging software is Qnovo's most advanced solution. It makes batteries last longer with a patented method that adapts the charging to the battery while managing the underlying chemical reactions. The Qualcomm Technologies PMI8998 power management chip (PMIC), which is part of the Snapdragon 835 chipset, includes hardware that accelerates Qnovo algorithms. Its sister solution, the Qnovo QNS adaptive charging, is ideally suited to smartphones that do not require hardware acceleration. It also measures battery health in real-time and continuously adjusts battery charging current. Intelligent management of battery charging enables mobile device manufacturers wider enhancements to the battery. Qnovo technology operates on standard, un-modified lithium ion cells and optimizes battery performance throughout a mobile product's lifetime.

About Qnovo
Qnovo is reinventing one of the most basic foundations of energy storage and mobility – the battery and how it is charged. Qnovo develops patented adaptive charging algorithms and battery data analytics that improve lifetime battery performance with enhanced safety. By augmenting battery chemistry with computation and software, Qnovo enables batteries to safely charge faster, with more daily use and longer lifespan. Learn more about lithium-ion batteries by following us on Twitter and our Blog.

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