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LeTV wins "Internet TV Solutions Gold Award" at "2016 IFA Product Technical Innovation Awards"

BERLIN, Germany, Sept. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- IFA2016 is being held in Berlin from September 2nd to 7th. It has drawn thousands of technology companies to Germany from all over the world. "2016 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award", as a global CE-product selection, has attracted the attention and participation of many enterprises such as Samsung, LG, TCL, CHANGHONG, etc. One of the most famous smart TV brands in China, LeTV(a LeEco company) emerged from fierce competitions with other major players of Internet TV Solutions and was awarded the "Internet TV Solutions Gold Award" of "2016 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award". This is also the highest honor that LeTV has attained to date. IFA is regarded as the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances; hence winning the award makes the Chinese smart TV the flashiest product in this year's event.

Back in April, LeTV was awarded the Best Industrial Design Award in the first ever CE China, an IFA Global event in China. If LeTV's victory in the Internet TV Solutions Gold Award represents the recognition for its "soft" power, then the Best Industrial Design Award would be a celebration of the "hard" power of this amazing product.

IFA is one of the world's largest and most influential trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances. "IFA Product Technical Innovation Award" is organized by International Data Group (IDG) and German Industry & Commerce Ltd.,  in an effort to build a series of award-giving events for global consumer electronics brands. The results of the awarding sessions consists of three parts with different weights respectively: product review with a weight of 60%, 30% for professional judges and 10% for online votes, which serves as a major comb-through and appraisal for the entire global consumer electronics industry of that year.

Crowned with the Internet TV Solutions Gold Award -- Technology Shapes our Future

This year's "IFA Product Technical Innovation Award" is themed "Future x Innovation", which aims to further promote connected innovations and technological upgrades among consumer electronics companies. It also encourages going a step further in terms of functionality, product image and user experience so that companies are motivated to make adjustments to their technologies and service models in order to offer products that have longer life cycle yet forward-looking, delivering convenience and comfort achieved through technological innovation.

The soon-to-arrive 85-inch LeTV has outpaced its many competitors in this year's Internet TV Solutions Gold Award of "2016 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award". LeTV is a perfect integration of technology, culture and the internet. Every generation of its product lineup represents the best specs and highest performance of the industry, leading the trend of future TV design.

In addition to its top of the range hardware specs and industrial design, LeTV, as an EcoTV, also aims to provide a complete internet solution for its users. EcoTV is not a TV, but an open-loop, big-screen and connected ecosystem which is built through vertical integration of the industry chain and a reorganization of cross-industry value chain. Through cross-industry innovation and ecosystem-based operation, LeTV never pauses its pursuit of unique product experience and more user value. It continues to create Eco-services based on segmentation of users and strives for offering more user value and constantly leading industry trends.

For instance, LeEco's multi-desktop eUI TV operating system has achieved idea flow interaction for the first time, which circumvents APPs by turning smartly recommended content into desktops, bringing users what they want. The 9-channel HD HW acceleration backs Super LIVE wall, sync-up home theater, Le View, Sports, Gaming, Kids, shopping, music among other desktops, on which segmented user operation can be done to present users with customized content desktops. In the eyes of film fans, to put a LeTV in their living room gives them the experience of a theater; For gamers, a LeTV saves them the toil of going to the arcade. And for shopping enthusiasts, a LeTV brings them a Shopping Mall right in the living room.

LeTV is no Stranger to IFA -- It has won the Best Industrial Design Award in CE China before

This is not the first time for LeTV to be given this award. In April of this year, LeTV won the Best Industrial Design Award in CE China, an IFA Global event in China. Back then, it was IFA executive director and SVP at Messe Berlin Jens Heithecker and IFA global branding director Dir Koslowski who awarded LeTV. They paid a visit to LeEco's booth to experience the Super 4 Max70 featuring a split-body design and the second generation of LeMobile. The two gentlemen spoke highly of LeEco's consumer electronic products for their amazing appearance and black technology offerings.

Shaping itself as the "disruptor" of TV industry, LeEco has created countless number ones within only three years time: the annual 100% growth rate secures the first place in growth rate terms; data from LeEco Smart Device Institute has shown daily power-on rate to reach 65% and a 5.8 average daily use (signal source 6%, Le Channel 15%, VOD 45%, others 34%). Weekly VOD timespan reached 21 hours, which makes LeTV number  one in user activeness; data from Nielsen Ccdata indicates that the LeTV user base is more concentrated in young families with certain levels of affordability. Users of 20-45 years old accounts for 94% of total users. 86% of users are households with at least two family members and 58% of users boast family monthly income above RMB10,000 while 89% users own their own apartments. All the data have shown the unparalleled value user base of LeTV tops the industry. LeTV has also become the most valuable platform that covers a high percentage of Chinese celebrities as its users.



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